What Is a Mini PC Good For? More than You Thought Possible!

You’ll have more uses for your mini PC than you thought possible!

Many people will be misled by the word “mini”, think that mini PCs are too underpowered to meet their computing needs. Actually, Mini PCs can do almost everything that a full-fledged desktop computer can.

For now, we will look at some of their most popular uses.

1. Digital signage:

Mini PCs have many advantages over larger computer systems, including support for 4K video and multiple screens which makes them ideal for digital signage.

You can use a mini PC to display the digital content if you have a large billboard or another type of display. These devices are generally quiet and if you buy from a professional mini PC manufacturer they cost less than $400.

What’s more, these small computers use less energy than other types of computers, which is great for any business that relies on their equipment to run all day long.

2. Home Theater Enthusiasts

A mini PC can be a great way to upgrade your home theater, it is similar to a television streaming device but is much smaller. These systems don’t take up much desktop space and can be tucked behind your monitor.

You can even choose a mini PC that is smaller than your soundbar, and then combine it with a soundbar to create a stealthy home theater system.

3. Gaming

Is a Mini PC Good For Gaming? After all, gaming is the number one use for a PC,

Actually, today’s small desktop computers are more powerful than ever. Some mini PCs are now a suitable option for gaming.

If you are a fan of classic games, or just want to play some of your favorite old games, then you may want to consider using a mini PC for emulation.

4. As TV Boxes

TV boxes are another example of mini PC devices, they can be powered by Android or even Linux or Windows. The best thing about these TV boxes is that they allow you to use your computer while watching television.

In fact, mini PCs can be used for almost any TV-related task, Besides allowing you to watch high-definition YouTube videos, it is also an excellent device for running media servers like Plex, Kodi, and MediaPortal. You can even use it to use Skype on your TV!

5. Medical Settings

Hospitals are already using mini-PCs for their medical patients, the compact size and efficiency of mini computers enable medical staff to work more efficiently, without cluttering their workspace.

Nurses need highly mobile equipment, and mini-PCs are ideal because they can be slid onto a triage cart. In addition, they can be configured with WIFI and Bluetooth communication, making them a great choice for telemedicine applications.

6. Home Office

Many people choose to buy a laptop for their home office. However, there are alternatives that are equally useful, including a mini PC. They are small, compact, and quiet, and can fit in the palm of your hand.

If you want to keep your productivity high while at home, you should consider a mini PC. Not only can you use them for email, internet surfing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, but you can also customize them to meet your unique needs.

7. Media Center

Many consumers today are turning to a mini PC as a media center. Before, you needed a desktop or laptop to set up your media center, but now these small computer comes with all the essentials for a modern media center.

8. SMBs

There are many advantages of using a mini PC for your business. Unlike a traditional desktop computer, these devices are quiet and use less power than the average one, saving your business money in the long run.

Space is often at a premium for small businesses, mini PC provides the space-saving features that a traditional desktop computer lacks, but without sacrificing productivity or creativity.

9. As a Second PC

Mini PCs can be a great alternative to a traditional second PC. Because they’re has all of the processing power of a regular PC in a smaller package.

This machine is also less expensive than desktops, another great benefit is that the mini-PC is compact enough to be leaving plenty of space for your desktop computer.

10. School

They are also very quiet, allowing teachers and students to focus on learning and teaching rather than constantly hearing the computer’s fan. They are also popular in libraries and labs due to their small size and quiet operation.

11. Industrial & IoT

Mini PCs have a wide range of potential uses, including IoT applications. Whether you’re building a network of connected devices or managing them from a remote location, there will always be a product that is sure to fits your needs.

12. Portable Workstation

As a portable workstation, mini PCs can be easily transported from one location to another. These portable workstations are a great alternative to laptops in many ways, especially for people who travel a lot.

13. Kiosks

Mini PC is the best building block for digital kiosks.

Unlike traditional desktop computers, some mini PCs can be configured directly for kiosk use without having to install additional software. Because it has such a powerful processor, it can be used in kiosks as a stand-alone computer or with a network of peripherals.

14. Use as a Server

You’ve probably heard of the new trend to use mini PCs as a server. They offer a compact design, and are highly capable.


Mini PC have a wide range of potential uses, these are just some of them. Hopefully, these tips will help you decide which is the best computer for your needs.

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